About Me

Dora Duvisac creator of Of Earth and Beauty, a Clean Beauty Blog

Hi There, my name is Dora and I am the creator and writer of Of Earth and Beauty, a conscious living blog. I am 29 years old, a dancer, a preschool teacher, and a blogger. I live in Washington DC with my best friend and fiancee.

My personal goal to like a more non-toxic life has made me passionate about clean beauty and a sustainable lifestyle. When I started researching beauty products, I was shocked to see the type of ingredients used in many products and the serious health concerns they caused.

Not only do these ingredients end up in our bodies but the production of them create more toxic waste that may end up in our soil or water supply.

Investing in natural, organic, or non-toxic beauty is one way that I live a sustainable and conscious life. With the environmental in crisis, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and a bit hopeless. How can I as an individual make a difference? By purchasing products that align with our values, we are making a difference. We are sending a message to companies that we no longer accept harmful products for a cheap price. Rather, we value quality and ethical practices.

On this clean beauty blog, you will find information on becoming a conscious consumer for beauty products. Available are shopping guides, brand reviews, and product recommendations among other things. I hope that you can find some inspiration here on how to live in the clean and healthy way you are seeking.

To learn more, please check Of Earth and Beauty’s Mission Statement and also my article What is Clean Beauty and Is It Worth It?

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