The Top 5 Clean Beauty Brands You Need to Know


There are many companies out there providing amazing clean beauty products. There are more choices for consumers than ever! A few companies stand out from others for their full commitment to not only clean beauty products but to conducting business in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. In the clean beauty market, it can be challenging to determine which companies are staying true to their missions. Here are 5 Clean Beauty Brands that walk the walk and talk the talk.

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Top 5 Clean Beauty Brands

True Botanicals

True Botanicals is a luxury clean skincare brand that uses plant-based, and you guessed it, botanical ingredients to create high-end clean beauty products. Their products are rich with antioxidants and botanical extracted vitamins. While some people may not know how plants can provide such effective skincare, True Botanicals’ creations are backed by science. The company works with universities like Carnegie Mellon and Cornell to conduct research and development for their products.

Hilary Peterson created True Botanicals after she defeated thyroid cancer. The experience made her question products and what toxins may be lurking in them. Now she uses only the purest ingredients to clean high powered clean beauty products. The company also places importance on sourcing all ingredients ethically and sustainably. True Botanicals is even certified MADE SAFE: a certification that requires extreme verification of the safety of every single ingredient used. 

Click here to learn more about True Botanical’s clean beauty efforts.

Tata Harper

Tata Harper has had immense commercial success since launching. You probably have seen their products in Sephora, they are luminescent green bottles with gold accent, kind of hard to miss! Tata Harper’s clean beauty products are manufactured on her 1,200-acre farm in Vermont. The farm also grows some of their ingredients, but Tata Harper also sources about 300 ingredients from 68 different countries around the world. They are serious about sourcing the finest ingredients; If they need prickly pear, they go to the Galapagos islands where they can find the freshest source! If its out of season or can’t be sourced sustainably? They pause production on the product that requires it. One thing is for sure, Tata Harper does not compromise on quality!

This clean beauty brand is also very transparent with. Every bottle has a unique ID on the bottom. To ensure freshness, you can use the ID number online to see exactly when your product was made and by who Want icing on the cake? Those beautiful green bottles are made from glass and are recyclable.

Discover best-selling Tata Harper products here.

Drunk Elephant

When talking about clean beauty products, I love bringing up Drunk Elephant to people. Sometimes the term clean beauty can get confused for all-natural beauty. Not every natural ingredient is good for your skin and certainly not every synthetic ingredient is bad! Clean beauty is really about keeping known and suspected toxic chemicals out of our beauty products. Many toxic ingredients are often cheaper and mimic the effects of finer ingredients, but in the long run, cause more damage to the skin. Drunk Elephant is an excellent example of a clean beauty brand because they use a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients. The difference is that they use entirely safe and effective synthetic ingredients.

Drunk Elephant chooses ingredients to use based on biocompatibility with the skin so that synthetic ingredients work in synergy with the skin to get desired results. DE also pays close attention to PH levels of the skin and their products, again to enable that synergistic relationship.

Learn more about Drunk Elephant’s philosophy here.

One Love Organics

One Love Organics is another popular indie clean beauty brand. The company is based in Georgia, and they have an ECOCERT verified manufacturing facility where they make their amazing products. ECOCERT verification requires the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients plus certain environmental standards. Formulations of OLO’s products tend to be simple but effective. Only ingredients that will directly benefit the skin are included. Meaning you are paying for a product that is not made up of filler ingredients. Your money is going straight to the finest ingredients for your skin and complexion.

I love this company because their products are actually very affordable. Compared to the other three companies in this post, One Love Organics is a steal! Their products may not be available in big commercial stores like Sephora, but they certainly have a cult following in the clean beauty world. One Love Organics is also Cruelty-Free and all their products except for two are vegan (two products contain beeswax). One Love Organics is also a Green America certified business, which means they meet high standards for social and environmental justice.

Discover best-selling products by One Love Organics here.


BeautyCounter is a leader in the clean beauty movement. The company believes in clean, nontoxic ingredients for all of their products. Inspired by a European Law that bans the use of 1,400 ingredients in personal care products, BeautyCounter made their ‘Never List’ of ingredients that they never use in their products. Also, ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably. BeautyCounter is also a Certified B Corporation. Being Certified B means that on top of safe environmental practices, a corporation values people over profit. Their business model is based on being a driving force for good prednisone and creating an inclusive economy that benefits everyone.

Did I mention they are also carbon neutral? I almost forgot to mention the most important thing, their products are amazing! They are luxurious, rich with nourishment, and you feel great buying them because you are buying responsibly. BeautyCounter is a company that also advocates for everything the clean beauty movement stands for: clean beauty products that have clean ingredients and environmental sustainability.

Check out Beautycounter’s Never List here.

Have you tried any of these brands? What is your favorite clean beauty brand? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. One Love Organics is a favorite of mine too! Drunk Elephant is great and they are sold at Sephora so you can always go to the store and try it out before you buy. Thank you for reading, I’m glad you liked the post!

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